How We Work With Families

Leaving A Real Legacy That Captures Who You Are And What Is Important To You


We offer three levels of estate planning at Don Gary PLLC, ensuring that your family’s needs are met. Our plans cater to various situations, from young families to well-established ones with asset protection concerns.

Our fees range from approximately $2,000 for basic plans to $8,000 for comprehensive ones. We focus on affordability while delivering effective planning tailored to your unique circumstances. Shopping for the cheapest plan may not provide the protection your family needs.

During your Family Wealth Planning Session, we’ll discuss the three planning levels, and you can select a plan that aligns with your family’s budget and priorities.

Our estate planning is not one-size-fits-all. We represent families in different stages of life, including traditional two-parent families, unmarried couples, blended families, families with special needs, high-net-worth families, family business owners, estate executors, and trust administrators.

We ensure your estate plan remains up-to-date through our unique annual membership programs, preventing your documents from becoming obsolete. Whether you join our membership programs or not, we keep you informed about changes in the law that could affect your family.

Our estate planning also includes capturing your intangible assets, such as your values, insights, stories, and experiences, to pass on to your loved ones. This legacy process adds a deeply personal touch to your estate plan.

We emphasize the importance of quality over price when it comes to estate planning, as most cheap, one-size-fits-all plans fail to protect your family effectively. We offer pricing options that reflect the value we provide through a comprehensive, personalized approach.

Our Family Wealth Planning Session serves as a valuable process to organize your finances and create an inventory of your assets. You’ll make informed, empowered decisions that serve your family, rather than simply seeking the cheapest option.

Schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session to discuss your estate planning needs and ensure you’re prepared for the future.