Who We Are


& how we are different for families.

At Don Gary PLLC, we approach working with families differently from traditional lawyers. If you’ve created estate planning documents with a lawyer before, you may relate to this:

Traditional Lawyer Experience

In the conventional process, you meet a lawyer who often makes things feel complicated. You nod along, sign the documents, and stow them away, marking estate planning as done. You might forget some details, hesitate to contact your lawyer, and eventually receive a bill for minor consultations.

Years later, you encounter challenges such as economic variances, refinancing, or changes in family dynamics, but concerns about costs prevent you from reaching out. It’s only after incapacity or passing that your family realizes the plan is outdated, leading to a probate process, possible conflicts, or other complications.

Our Approach

We’ve experienced similar challenges within our families.  These challenges drove us to create Don Gary PLLC. We vowed to provide a better experience for our clients. Unfortunately, many lawyers in estate planning primarily engage in standardized document preparation with little or no understanding of the needs and objectives of their clients.  Too often we see that lawyers prepare a technical “legal” solution without regard to the “personal” circumstances and realities affecting their lives.  Many plans are overly complicated with little thought to that actual effects of those complications on the surviving human beings.

What makes us unique is that we’re designed for changing circumstances.  We understand your busy life, raising children, building careers, supporting parents, and securing your family’s future. You want assurance and preparation, and we focus on providing guidance to build a life of prosperity and wealth. We aim to keep your family out of court and avoid conflicts.

We encourage open communication, offer flat-fee services, and have a dedicated team to serve you. You can rely on us when you need legal support.

In summary, we focus on modern families, offering a streamlined approach to estate planning to ensure your family’s well-being.

Thank you!

Thanks for your interest. I know you have a lot of options when it comes to legal planning. Don Gary PLLC has been the trusted partner of Post Falls area residents. I look forward to meeting with you. Schedule today!

Donald J. Gary, Jr.